Well before you open up a new tab and fill your internet history with ‘space porn’ hear me out, I’m positive that there  is no genre called space porn .. believe me I’ve checked **clears throat** for research purposes….


And there might be a very good reason why

Before we begin lets  see if there  were  any actual  attempts made  by any space organizations to make 2 people do the deed in space ……well no , and for very good reasons you don’t want your genetic material floating inside a scientific vehicle you?

But let’s assume you are crazy rich and you have decided to bring your fantasies of ‘banging in space’ a reality (**you sick weirdo**) .You reach your private space station. Make the lady sit ,open up a bottle of wine, turn on some good music and get into the mood. Hmmmmm….. You like that don’t you…lets  just stay on track

Here comes problem no. 1

During your foreplay you realize you cant get your lil guy to stand up,  yup ‘ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION’  .You see in space unlike earth you are in micro gravity(almost zero gravity). On earth your blood naturally reaches your lower extremities due to gravity and your heart works to pump it to your brain. Here on your ‘sex station’ I mean space station.. your blood doesn’t pool in a particular place .your  blood is readily available and your heart has to work less to make it reach to your brain  which gradually  weakens it and that means less blood to your penile region. And thus your sex adventures will possibly lead to a disastrous disappointment.

It doesn’t help that long duration spaceflight also seems to cause a drop in male astronauts’ testosterone levels. Lower testosterone levels are linked to lower libidos in men, so this would complicate the already complicated and unsexy situation..

For women, there may be other challenges. Though tragically understudied it is speculated ,considering that a female arousal coincides with an overall increase in  blood flow to the nether region that it would be difficult for a female to be aroused in micro gravity though not as difficult as for a man.

But wait its still not impossible .  it sure will be difficult. Pop a couple of Viagra pills maybe and you  are set to go  …maybe…

Alright lets continue…..

You continue and you thrust your partner and she goes flying off to the other end of the space station …possibly hitting her head to something ..very sexy right?…….In micro gravity you have to be extra careful it’s like having sex on fresh ice wearing ice skates , every action will have an opposite (very visible ) reaction.

But don’t worry you could probably strap yourself and your date down with some elastic cords and continue. Sure won’t be comfortable.. but you’ve spent so much money I’m sure  you could manage that

Lets move on…

You continue boning your partner strapped to your ‘sex station’, and you realize that its getting wet and messy not particularly  in a sexy way  …let me explain.. Because of the micro-gravity environment sweat and tears don’t run down the astronaut’s bodies like it does here on Earth, instead it pools like small  ponds of fluid near where it was secreted. Imagine two swampy bodies pressed against each other’s bodily horrors

So in conclusion you can have sex in space it wont be EASY or as SEXY but you could in theory pull it off.

According to Mark Shelhamer, former chief scientist at NASA’s Human Research Program

“I think it would be both feasible and safe. The mechanics would be tricky but solvable”

Before i go i have a good news remember in the beginning I said there is no porn genre called space porn.. well you weirdos are in luck …check out this article .. There is someone out there who wants to make it happen ….toodles



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