Well before you open up a new tab and fill your internet history with ‘space porn’ hear me out, I’m positive that there  is no genre called space porn .. believe me I’ve checked **clears throat** for research purposes….


And there might be a very good reason why

Before we begin lets  see if there  were  any actual  attempts made  by any space organizations to make 2 people do the deed in space ……well no , and for very good reasons you don’t want your genetic material floating inside a scientific vehicle you?

But let’s assume you are crazy rich and you have decided to bring your fantasies of ‘banging in space’ a reality (**you sick weirdo**) .You reach your private space station. Make the lady sit ,open up a bottle of wine, turn on some good music and get into the mood. Hmmmmm….. You like that don’t you…lets  just stay on track

Here comes problem no. 1 Continue reading “CAN YOU HAVE SEX IN SPACE?”