Well before you pat yourself on the back and get on a high horse let me explain why you definitely are the center of the universe yet you are not special  (well maybe you are ..i don’t know who you are )

This phenomenon is what is called as the cosmological principal.

No matter where you are in the universe everything relative to you will seemingly be moving away from you and expanding at the same rate. Imagine a balloon expanding and imagine the universe ..galaxies, stars, planets you and me to be on the surface of that balloon . Now as for any spherical object there is no center on the surface you pick any point and that will act as the center…PERIOD

To make it simple take the below example the blue dot represents a 5% expansion relative to the blue dot(the past).lets assume you live on one of this dots. As soon as you choose any point on the the blue dots surface and put it on the past surface that point becomes the centre of expansion. …mind blown??

So no matter who you are where you are and whatever you do could always look up to the sky and know scientifically that you are the center of the universe….AWWW..

watch the above video from 8:23 ……for even better understanding…..toodles.

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